Steel Battalion

This week on Shooting The Core, the crew indulges their perverse mecha-fetish by playing 2002's Steel Battalion for the Xbox. Blair reveals his deepest shame; owning a $200 controller that only works with one game, Megan has her windshield washed without consent, and Dan still hates Ocarina of Time. Join us, won't you?

Megan Mars: And theres something really satisfying about having an entire control deck in front of you with switches and lights.

Blair Atom: I'm glad that you enjoyed playing this thing, because I expected you to hate this. 

Dan Watkins: She honestly did better, well not better than me. As good as me but better than you.

Megan Mars: Haha, I didn't totally fail at this.

Blair Atom: You completed a level successfully. You did awesome. Its... theres something really great about that controller. When you press one of the buttons it lights up a little bit and kind of glows for a second and then dims. It really looks cool. Theres something great about flipping these toggle switches. They have a really nice click to them.

Megan Mars: Like an actual metal toggle switch. They're not cheap.

Blair Atom: No not at all.

Dan Watkins: Its... where all your limbs are just in sync, when you are strafing and moving both control sticks and mashing your onboard camera and switching between your sub weapon and weapon and reloading the magazine. Oh my god its amazing, its what you wish every Mechwarrior Mercenaries game was.

Blair Atom: Yeah totally. This game is incredible. Dan is right, when everything is working its like driving a really nice manual transmission car. You aren't thinking about what your limbs are doing you're just doing it.