Unfortunately This Is A Zombie Game

Blair is joined by Ben, Chris and Lee for a dramatic experience: the first hour of Naughty Dog's 2013 hit "The Last of Us." Aside from the emotional & visual impact of the game, we discuss the way modern game narratives and mechanics can intertwine to heighten the tension and immersion of players:

Blair Atom: But one thing thats interesting about this game is that it really holds its characters - it forces you to play as the character. It forces you to make decisions as the character. You're not trying to say "Well, I'm going to play this game as the good guy!"

Joel is a bad dude. 

We had that little moral dilemma right at the middle, I'm sorry, at the beginning of the game. It asks you just to fucking shoot this dude in the head. He's looking pretty bad, he's probably not going to survive.

It's leave him for dead or shoot him in the head. And the game just says "no, shoot him in the head!" and it won't let you move on until you shoot him in the head. 

But Joel is a bad fucking guy. 

And he's not particularly likable and he's done some really rugged bad shit. As the game wears on it makes that more and more and apparent. And its cool that they were willing to do a character like that. You don't see that very often where the character is a rotten dude. And they don't pull any punches there either.

Unfortunately... this is a zombie game.