Mewster of Puppets

Blair Atom, Megan Mars and Chris Bragg explore the delightful 2013 platformer & puzzle game Puppeteer, in which the player controls a boy named Kutaro, who has been turned into a puppet and had his head torn off. Throughout the game, Kutaro is able to find various types of head to replace his own, each with its own unique ability.

A short description of the plot is available at Puppeteer's Wikipedia Entry:

Once upon a time, the Moon Realm was ruled by a beautiful Goddess. But then Little Bear, to whom the Goddess had shown nothing but love, stole two of his mistress's precious possessions: the Black Moonstone, and a magic pair of scissors known as Calibrus. After declaring himself Moon Bear King, he invaded the Goddess's castle, and smashed the White Moonstone to pieces, thereby obliterating the Goddess. He then gave a shard of the White Moonstone to each of his twelve generals (the animals of the Chinese Zodiac), who proceeded to wreak havoc on the moon.

Night after night, the King spirited away the souls of Earth's children, and locked them inside wooden puppets. The children were then doomed to serve as slaves in the King's mobile fortress, Castle Grizzlestein.

One of those unfortunate children is a boy named Kutaro. He awakens in his new puppet body in the clutches of the King, who asks if he would be his friend. Kutaro agrees, but the King calls him a liar, bites off his wooden head, and tosses his puppet body into the dungeons.