The Quadrocoptor

In the second installment the quest for the meteor is sidetracked almost immediately by an unexpected discovery. Also, your friendly narrator would like to briefly remind you there was a man named Alan Watts.

The song is this episode is 28 Ghosts IV by Nine Inch Nails which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license.

Episode 2: The Quadrocoptor
The morning after the meteor fell I hadn't yet learned how largeit was, how many people saw it, that it was visible hundreds of miles away.

Being ignorant of these facts I assumed it was small and likely had come down near my house. The streak across the sky appeared to lead towards a small subdivision less than a mile from my house.

So I started out for a walk that morning, unsure of how I would search for the rock, but as it happens, my search didn't last long.

A few hundred feet down the road I found it, sitting next to a storm drain. No, not the meteorite.

The Quadrocopter. A small radio controlled drone. Sitting there in a puddle. No apparent damage, it didn't look like it'd crashed, simply landed.

I picked it up but decided to leave it on the front porch in case anyone came looking.

As it happens, aside from finding the drone my search was uneventful and I came home feeling a bit silly.

A few minutes of searching the web made me more embarrassed. The fireball had ended up on the news, recorded on video and a number of photographs and had actually landed a good hundred miles southwest of me.

However the more I read, the more my perception of the seriousness of the event grew.

And that Quadrocopter, well in a way hadn't the meteor led me to that?

After an hour the urge to examine the drone grew and grew. Retrieving it from the porch I figured out how to open it up, disconnecting the battery lead from what seemed to be the control unit.

Underneath that I found a USB key, wrapped in a translucent rubberized yellow material. There was some sort of button in the center.

When I squeezed it, the button pulsed red three times, fading slowly in and out.

More and more curious, I plugged the key into my MacBook. It registered as a drive, with a single folder in it. Inside of that were several files, each of which was a few hundredmegabytes in size. I didn't recognize the format, but clearly these were video recordings.

Doing some quick research I leaned that I needed to power up the drone itself to access some of the files - which meant id need to charge the battery.

But one file stuck out, it was a regular old .mov and not a long one.

Loading it up, it took me a second to realize what I was looking at.

The video was steady, if it had been shot by the drone then the machine was clearly on the ground at the time.

It took me a few seconds to realize what I was seeing.

The video was of a bungalow style house, with a small front porch lined by a row of hedges, rather like my own home.

Then I noticed the window, the large picture widow, and the silhouette of a person sitting at their desk. 

I felt my skin begin to crawl as the person stood up, turned and faced the window.

This can't be, I thought. But I couldn't resist.

So I stood up, turned, and faced the window.

And there was the second Quadrocoptor.