Episode 5: The Next Ubiquitous Thing

Episode 4: The Morality Issue

John and Ben discuss the moral implications of an increasingly automated world. As we're living in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, what can we learn from the past that will prepare us for the future? 

Episode 3: Turn the Damn Light Off

Today's show focuses on the history of industrial control and automation systems, and the growing potential of automation in the home. John also addresses some follow-up from episode 2 regarding some alternative power generation options.

Episode 2: The Battery Problem

Episode 1: Faraday's Cage

In Pragmatic's first episode, John and Ben explore the evolution of the iPhone's hardware from the original model to today. With an emphasis on mechanical design tradeoffs and incremental improvements in wireless capabilities, John presents a sensible and realistic reading of the iPhone myth. 

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TechDistortion Companion Article
iPhone Hardware Evolution: Trade-offs and Refinements
While we try to be thorough with show notes, context can sometimes slip through the cracks. To address this, every episode of Pragmatic will have a companion piece on TechDistortion.com for listeners who want a detailed text for reference purposes.

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