This is. Why. We fight.

Sometimes the only way to wrap up an extended & complex experience, a series of decisions, a collection of mistakes, a campaign of a few small victories and many smaller defeats... I to simply dust yourself off and remember you've always got the freedom to say "Oh Well!"

Well. Oh Well. No grand vision this time. Just another iteration, with a focus on principles and people. Hope you enjoy, and all apologies in advance. 

You thought by now you’d be
So much better than you are
You thought by now they’d see
That you had come so far
And the pride inside their eyes
Would synchronize into a love you’ve never know
So much more than you’ve been shown

Hold on
One more time with feeling
Try it again
Breathing’s just a rhythm
Say it in your mind
Until you know that the words are right
This is, why we, fight
This is, why, we fight
— Regina Spektor "One More Time, With Feeling"