Episode 1: Defining Creativity

Designing Creativity is a show about the theories, tools and techniques used by normal people to produce great work.

The show is very simple. A single topic, once a week, fifteen minutes. Something you can chew on, hopefully something that will help you in your daily life and work.

I’m your host, Ben Alexander, and todays topic is “Defining Creativity”

Just talking about creativity can be incredibly difficult because there are so many theories about just what happens inside the human mind when we make the creative leap. We’re going to take a look at many of these ideas and try to develop our own take on the creative process.

This isn’t an attempt to come up with some grand new theory - we’re less concerned with whats right and wrong in terms of the actual psychological or neurological or philosophical concepts in play as we are with the practical results: do the techniques and tools we examine work?

If you want to get in touch you can email me at ben@badesign.co and I’m @fiatluxfm on Twitter.