Nobody Ever Says I've Worked For Samsung And Apple Pt. 1

After careful deliberation and testing, Jamie has made up his mind about platform ecosystems. After absolutely zero testing or deep thought whatsoever Ben came to a similar conclusion. We're going to need to recruit a third party for the counterpoint. 


Jamie: Some of the stuff Apple does is just crazy as well. So I don't have a predetermined... I think it helps that I've worked for both companies as well. Nobody ever says, like, I've worked for Samsung and Apple. Its always"Jamie Ryan, former Apple Employee" or "Jamie Ryan, former Samsung employee."

Its never the two at the same time. 

Because they use whichever one supports whatever it is that they're trying to get across at the time. Or the opposite is true as well. If I'm trying to defend iOS they'll say "yeah, thats because you're an ex-Apple employee" or if I'm trying to argue Samsung's point-of-view its a case of "you used to be a Samsung employee."

I've always tried different technologies but I think I'm realizing now that we're not - or at least not for my needs - we're not in a place at the moment where switching and exploring these new things theres not actually as much innovation going on as people would have you think.

Its not as fast as people think it is. Its generally does seem to be all being done, sort of, by ████████ at the moment. Like with the services. But I'm gonna go through a few of them and quantify each one.