The Proper Care and Feeding of a Phoenix, with Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess

Erik Hess and Gabe Weatherhead co-host Technical Difficulties, a podcast thats redefined how I think about the medium.

The show is described as:

...a weekly podcast exploring the often perplexing and broken world of technology, design, and related disciplines, hosted by Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess. Rising from the ashes of their previous show Generational, it will likely prove as perplexing and broken as the topics they discuss.

Podcasts are like boats, and an armada of shows have set out to explore the world of technology. But most of them stick to coastal waters like a two man skiff. They're leaky, at the mercy of the winds, and not exactly much to look at.

But Technical Difficulties is more like a Greek Trireme. Its seaworthy, intimidating, and organized. The first time I laid eyes on the show's site, I cursed. My little boats couldn't stand up to this. Who were these guys? What were they doing with this big warship? Who the hell do they think they ARE?!?

Well, it turns out, Gabe, Erik and Potatowire are true craftsmen. Willing to share, eager to learn, and surprisingly humble. They built one of these triremes, and they're willing to share the blueprints with other shipbuilders.

Many of of us build a little boat, catch some fish, and then start scheming of ways to improve our nets and lines. Some of us just build more little boats.

These guys went the other way. They built a little boat. Caught some fish. And then they burned that first boat on the shore. Then they built a new, bigger, better boat. And that does perplex me a little bit. Their dedication to craft, rather than commerce, is rare.

They're certainly deserving of praise for what they've built, but thats not really the point of this episode.

  Oh Hai! 

Oh Hai! 

Its more like this:

Imagine you're a citizen of some importance in a little Mediterranean city-state. Your boats are important to you. For commerce and defense. And all of a sudden, theres a big, tar-black warship sitting in the bay. Its not flying a flag. Its just sitting there.

What are you going to do?

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