Counsel for the Defense with Mary Doria Russell

My guest today is Mary Doria Russell, an award-winning novelist whose works include The Sparrow, Children of God, A Thread of Grace, Dreamers of the Day and Doc.

Mary has been called one of the most versatile writers in contemporary American literature. Her novels are critically acclaimed, commercial successes. They are also studied in literature, theology and history courses in colleges and universities across the United States. Mary's guest lectures have proved popular from New Zealand to Germany as well as in the U.S. and Canada.

I sat down with Mary over lunch to talk about the challenges and joys of a career writing historical fiction.     

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Vishaal Melwani & Combatant Gentlemen

Vishaal Melwani is a third-generation tailor who grew up surrounded by high end couture. He’s the cofounder of Combatant Gentlemen, a direct-to-consumer brand that sells hand tailored suits, shirts, ties and denim at surprisingly low prices.

You can get in touch with Vishaal or Combatant Gentlemen on Twitter: @vishaalmelwani & @combatgent.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Tech Intolerance with John Kirk

John Kirk was kind enough to talk to me about his recent article at Tech.pinions on the subject of technological intolerance. I really enjoyed reading his piece, and our conversation really expanded from the initial topic to a number of related ideas. 

This episode took a bit of editing to get into shape and there is still a pretty good chunk of material I'm hoping to release at a later date as part of a larger project. My apologies to John and the audience for the quality of my voice & direction during the show. 

You can get in touch with John on Twitter @JohnKirk, and if you like this discussion I hope you'll read his follow up piece, Mocking Our Customers.